I love colorful stuffs…I love colorful badges….therefore, I love awards! LOL 😀

Well, actually, I made this page because I’m really bad at passing on the awards (I truly am sorry for that x__x).  So, this is my own way of saying thanks to those who have thought of me when they received their award. Sometimes, (if not most of the time) the reason that drives me to keep posting is because of the wonderful people who tirelessly read whatever I write and always click that “like” button, even though I don’t think my post is that great. And hey, even my own brother laughs at what I draw sometimes and tells me I should pick a better subject much prettier than my antique electric fan. LOL. (see electric fan). Haha, well that’s how we tease each other. Through blogging, I’ve ‘met’ amazing people who unconditionally send support. THANKS!! 😀


Awarded by: Quizoxy, emjayzed, bstonehouse

Awarded by: C.C.Charron, Quizoxy

 Awarded by: C.B.Wentworth, Deb, dontchawannadream, Nuno

Awarded to the post “How to Catch a Star“, awarded by Caddo Veil

Awarded by Caddo Veil, lespersonnage

Awarded by Caddo Veil

Awarded by: Kellie See, Nuno

Awarded by: Nuno, incidentallearner

dsc090501 Awarded by: Deb

images61“Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandment Award” Awarded by: Deb

images-162  Awarded by: Deb

versatile2 Awarded by: between I and the sky (Jade)

one-lovely-blog-award-may-2012Awarded by: winloseordraw

light bulb concept Awarded by: Ethan Greenwood

Super Sweet Blogger Award “Super Sweet Blogger Award” Awarded by Beatrice

Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpeg Awarded by: Sandy

I feel sorry for not being able to pass on the awards as soon as I receive them. So, this is my way of saying thanks to those who have given me the awards. Do check out their amazing blog! I will try to pass on those awards one by one, soon enough…(don’t ask me if when that is! lol)

Thanks so much for visiting my blog… I truly truly truly appreciate that! ♥

Have a great day! 😀

~ Melonaide


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